2023 Yuqian Biluochun Tea

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Type:Green Tea
Yuqian Tea:Yes
Harvested after April 5 before April 20,2023

Experience the exceptional taste of 2023 Yuqian Biluochun Tea, a premium Chinese green tea that hails from the renowned Taihu Lake region of Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. This exquisite biluochun tea carries a legacy stretching back to the Tang Dynasty, over 1400 years ago, where it was first revered as an exclusive offering to the imperial court. Its esteemed status continued to flourish when Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty bestowed upon it the name 'Bi Luo Chun'.

Our biluochun tea is celebrated for its distinctive appearance, resembling tightly coiled spirals reminiscent of ancient scrolls, with a beautiful mix of silver-white and vibrant emerald leaves. Yet, it's not just the appearance that sets this biluochun tea apart; its fame is equally attributed to its delightful flavor profile. Each sip offers a sweet, mellow taste that lingers pleasantly without a hint of bitterness, embodying pure, serene enjoyment.

The term 'Yuqian' denotes the prized buds harvested after the Qingming Festival and before the Grain Rain period, between April 5th and April 20th. This specific timing yields a Chinese green tea that captures the essence of early summer - robust and full of life. Yuqian biluochun tea boasts a fresh, potent flavor and benefits from the rich nutrients accumulated in the buds. With leaves that are slightly more mature than those picked before Qingming, it delivers a refreshing strength that endures through multiple infusions.

To fully appreciate the nuanced flavors of biluochun tea, we recommend using a 200ml transparent glass. Begin with 3-5 grams of our Yuqian Biluochun and steep with water heated to approximately 80 degrees Celsius. Allow the leaves to unfurl and release their fragrance during the initial steeping. After this 'awakening' of the leaves, pour out the water to remove any impurities. For subsequent infusions, steep for just one minute to enjoy the perfect balance of flavor and aroma.

Indulge in the 2023 Yuqian Biluochun Tea - a loose-leaf marvel from Suzhou's Dongting mountains, and embrace the quintessence of Chinese green tea craftsmanship. Don't miss out on this opportunity to savor one of China's ten most famous teas.

Secure your supply of 2023 Yuqian Biluochun Tea today and immerse yourself in the rich heritage and invigorating taste of this celebrated Chinese green tea.

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Flavor: Fruity & Melon,Tea Type:White Tea ,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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