Chinese Matcha Powder

Welcome to the matcha category of our tea website!Matcha is a type of green tea powder made from high-quality organic green tea leaves. We sell premium Chinese matcha powder, in particular, is prized for its rich flavor and fine texture,which has the similar quality as the good quality Japanese Ceremonial Matcha powder serving for the tea ceremony,however the price is much more affordable.

Our Chinese matcha powder is made from famous Chinese Long Jing Tea. The long jing tea leaves are picked in early spring and have a sweet, mellow taste that goes well with the umami flavor of matcha. Our Chinese matcha powder can be enjoyed in many different ways, including whisking it with hot water to make a delicious drink, adding it to smoothies or baking recipes, or using it as a natural food dye.

We hope you enjoy this delicious and healthy Chinese matcha powder pairing! Thank you for choosing our matcha category.