White Tea

Best White Tea from Fujian,China

The white tea drink is best known for its delicate flavor, and health benefits.The white tea tastes best when brewed with fresh water at a temperature between 180-185 degrees Fahrenheit.We offer best white tea in loose leaf form & pre-bagged for tea lovers,including various types of best white tea from Fujian,China,e.g. the famous Silver Needle Tea, White Peony Tea as well as Shou Mei and Gong Mei, and some flavored white tea,etc.

Silver Needle Tea

Chinese silver needle tea is the most sought after white teas and it's only harvested for a few days each year in Fujian, China. This delicate leaf has an unforgettable aroma that you can't help but fall head over heels with! With its light golden flush as well as woodsy body this drink will be sure to keep your taste buds on their toes at any time of day or night.

White Peony Tea

The white teas of China are some of the most popular, particularly with their delicate taste that's often enjoyed plain or as an ingredient in blends.White peony tea is a type of Chinese white teas that are cultivated in Zhenghe and Fuding in Fujian,China. White Peony tea is crafted from one bud and two withered leaves, some leaves will be covered with fine white hair. The natural form of these tea leaves are dried, providing a beautifully shaped dry leaf that has been gallery-risen to show off its features in full perfection!

Gong Mei

We know you love your tea, which is why we're proud to offer Gong mei as one of the many types with a grading between shou mei and white peony tea. This particular variety comes from Fuding Da Bai and has been naturally fermented for added flavor! It's potent enough that even with just slight tips or stalks it will provide an enriched taste in your palette--and warmth too if desired (just saying).

Shou Mei

Another example of a tea that's considered "special" is Shoumei. This delicate, breath-takingly beautiful beverage comes from Fuding in China and it has been plucked later than most other types or white teas so as to give them more time for nutrients buildup during processing; one bud with three leaves should do nicely! Our brown dried versions usually look just like withered fallen leaves when brewed - but don't worry because you'll be able taste this delicious drink regardless (I'm pretty sure anyone would forget their own name after drinking some!). The flavor profile features notes varying from fresh orange sweetness.

White Tea Shot White Tea Drink

While white tea can be enjoyed on its own, many people enjoy it as a base for other flavors. For instance, white tea shots have become popular in recent years. These white tea drinks combine white tea with whiskey,schnapp,soda and other flavorful ingredients to create a refreshing white tea shot beverage.