Flower Tea Powder

Introducing Flower Tea Powders: Explore our collection featuring rose petal, jasmine green milk tea, and osmanthus powders. Elevate your tea experience with floral sweetness and aroma. Perfect for tea, baking, and creative recipes. Browse and find your favorite: rose petal, jasmine green milk tea, osmanthus, and more.

Rose Petal Powder:
Enhance your tea with the delightful flavor of our rose petal powder. Made from dried rose petals, it adds a floral touch to your tea or recipes. Ideal for homemade rose tea, baking, and natural food coloring.

Jasmine Green Milk Tea Powder:
Indulge in the sweetness and aroma of jasmine with our green milk tea powder. Made from dried jasmine flowers, it brings a delightful twist to your favorite tea. Simply add a teaspoon to enjoy the exquisite flavor.

Osmanthus Powder:
For those who seek variety, our osmanthus powder is a perfect choice. Explore the subtle and versatile flavor of osmanthus in your tea or culinary creations. Unleash your creativity with this unique floral powder.