Puerh Tea

Puerh tea is a type of Chinese tea that has been fermented and aged,which tastes earthy and strong. All our gong fu tea products are shipped fresh so you always get only the highest quality teas with no artificial additives or preservatives added. Our selection of Puerh tea includes the famous lincang puerh. We offer ripe puerh and sheng puerh as well as famous Xiao Qing Gan and high grade pu'er cakes, tuos, bricks, loose leafs,flavored puerh tea and more! Plus we have a tea blog where you can learn all about different types of gong fu tea including their health benefits and how to make gong fu tea and Puerh tea. So what are you waiting for? Order some delicious gong fu tea today!

Xiao Qing Gan

When you drink Xiao Qing Guan tea, the refreshing flavor reminds people of fresh citrus. Xiao Qing Gan also known as mandarin Puerh tea or green orange Puerh tea, is made of green citrus stuffed Puerh tea. Xiao means “little”; Qing means “green”; Gan means “citrus”. The process for making this pure green teas starts with 7-9 months old Xinhui Green Citrus from Guangdong province in China that's filled with puerh leaves and sunbathed before being dried off during a cold winter season or cured indoors over years depending on how strong they want their final product to be!