2023 Yuqian Long Jing Tea

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Type:Green Tea
Yuqian Tea:Yes
Havested in spring before Grain Rain Period(about after April 5,before April 20) in 2023

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Dragon Well tea with our 2023 Yuqian Long Jing Tea. This exquisite variety has its roots entwined with history, tracing back over 1400 years and celebrated in Lu Yu's seminal "Tea Classics," the world's pioneer tea monograph. Revered for over a millennium, Dragon Well green tea remains a testament to the lush fields of Zhejiang province, where it is meticulously cultivated. Not only is this tea a delight to the senses, but its leaves are also a delectable treat post-brew.

Our 2023 Yuqian Long Jing Tea is harvested in a brief yet pivotal window—following the Qingming Festival and before the Grain Rain period. This span, from April 5th to April 20th, may be fleeting, but it's crucial for quality. While not as delicate as the pre-Qingming Mingqian tea, Yuqian tea benefits from the warmer temperatures leading up to Grain Rain. This accelerates the growth of the buds and leaves, infusing them with robust nutrition. The result is a Dragon Well green tea that retains its vibrant freshness and intensity through multiple infusions.

Brewing this Long Jing tea is an art in itself. Begin with water heated to 85℃ for the initial infusions to unlock its optimal flavor profile—never boiling, as this can turn the tea bitter. Allow the tea to cool slightly after opening the lid before gently increasing the temperature for subsequent brews. Whether you prefer a Gaiwan or a glass cup, 3 grams per serving will suffice to unveil its splendor.

Dive into the world of Long Jing with our 2023 Yuqian Long Jing Tea. It's not just a beverage but an experience that connects you to a tradition cherished through ages. Savor the authentic taste of West Lake Dragon Well green tea and let its storied past refresh your present. Secure your 2023 harvest of Yuqian Long Jing West Lake Dragon Well Tea—where every sip is a journey through time.

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Flavor: Fruity & Melon,Tea Type:White Tea ,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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