Yunan Raw Puerh Tea

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Type:Puerh Tea

Step into the world of ancient tea culture with our meticulously curated Yunnan Raw Puerh Tea, a pinnacle of the finest puer tea available. Our raw puer tea is a testament to the purity and tradition of Puerh tea craftsmanship.

Each leaf of our raw puerh tea is a tribute to its storied past. Cultivated and processed with age-old techniques, these leaves are handpicked, stabilized, rolled, sun-dried, and then steam-pressed, all without the intervention of artificial fermentation. The result is a tea that boasts tightly coiled, dark green leaves, offering an initial bite of bitterness and astringency that gracefully gives way to a deep, sweet finish.

The lustrous sheen on our loose leaf raw puerh tea hints at its tenderness and quality, with robust buds that are full of life. When steeped, the leaves exude a pure and potent fragrance, transforming into an infusion that ranges from yellow-green to a soft light orange. This clear, bright brew maintains its integrity throughout extended brewing times, delivering a flavor that is both complex and harmoniously sweet, smooth, and velvety.

For an optimal brewing experience, we suggest using a purple clay teapot to enhance the nuanced flavors of our Yunnan Raw Puerh Tea. Begin by rinsing the teapot twice to warm and cleanse it. Steep the leaves briefly, allowing them to unfurl for at least 10 seconds before discarding this initial infusion to pave the way for the full spectrum of flavors. Serve the tea in equal measures across small cups, inviting a moment of reflection with each sip based on its rich flavor profile.

This Raw Puerh Tea Loose Leaf is more than just a drink—it's an invitation to explore the depths of Yunnan's tea heritage. It's an ideal gift for those who cherish the art of tea or a luxurious treat for oneself. Embark on this flavorful journey by ordering your supply of the best puer tea—a Yunnan Raw Puer Tea that stands as a hallmark of quality and taste.

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Flavor: Fruity & Melon,Tea Type:Green Tea ,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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