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Embark on a journey of flavor and aroma with our White Peach Oolong Tea Pyramid Tea Bags, where the luscious essence of peach meets the high-quality Tieguanyin Oolong for a truly tranquil tea-drinking experience.

Product Features:
- Content: Each tea bag holds 7g of our specially selected blend, available in packs of 10 or 20.
- Ingredients: Premium Anxi Tieguanyin Oolong Tea, infused with natural peach extract.
- Origin:Fujian, China.
- Packaging: Our tea bags are designed in a unique pyramid shape to enhance the infusion process.

Our White Peach Oolong Tea combines the celebrated Anxi Tieguanyin, known for its vibrant yellow-green leaves and smooth texture, with the sweet, full-bodied essence of natural peach extract. This harmonious blend ensures that every cup is not only fragrant but also provides an uplifting and soothing experience.

Crafted from the finest biodegradable food-grade PET yarn, our handmade pyramid tea bags allow for a superior brewing experience. The spacious design gives the Tieguanyin leaves room to unfurl completely, ensuring that the full depth of flavor is captured in each cup, similar to the traditional tea-steeping process.

To brew your perfect cup:
- For a warm and cozy beverage, steep one White Peach Oolong Tea Pyramid Tea Bag in 400ml of water at 90 degrees Celsius for three minutes. If you prefer a sweeter drink, feel free to add sugar or honey.
- For a cool, refreshing twist, place one tea bag in 500ml of water and let it sit in the refrigerator for 5-8 hours to develop a rich, cold-brewed flavor.

For those looking to explore creative tea mixology, try adding passion fruit juice or other fruity elements to create your own White Peach Passion Fruit Oolong Tea. Discover recipes and brewing tips on our YouTube channel or blog.

Our White Peach Oolong Tea Pyramid Tea Bags offer more than just a drink—they are an invitation to a moment of peach tranquility, ideal for anyone who savors the delicate fusion of oolong tea with the gentle sweetness of white peach.

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