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Indulge in the Springtime Aroma of Taiwan with Our Si Ji Chun Oolong Tea Pyramid Tea Bags – The Perfect Choice for the Refined Tea Drinker.

Our Si Ji Chun Oolong Tea, sourced from the lush, rolling hills of Taiwan, exemplifies the island's esteemed tea-making traditions. Each pyramid tea bag is packed with 6 grams of this exceptional tea, ensuring that every cup you brew is steeped in quality and flavor. Choose from our convenient packs of 10 or 20 bags and transform your tea-drinking routine into a series of exquisite taste experiences.

Key Product Information:
- Name: Si Ji Chun Oolong Tea Pyramid Tea Bags
- Net Weight: 6g per tea bag
- Available Quantities: Options of 10 or 20 bags per pack
- Main Ingredient: Premium Si Ji Chun Oolong Tea
- Country of Origin: Fujian, China
- Tea Category: Luxurious Oolong Tea in Pyramid Bags

Our Si Ji Chun, also known as "Four Seasons Spring," is a lightly oxidized oolong tea celebrated for its vibrant floral fragrance and a palate-pleasing sweetness that lingers soothingly in the throat. Harvested at the peak of freshness, our tea captures the essence of Taiwanese tea craftsmanship in every leaf.

The design of our pyramid tea bags marries traditional tea appreciation with contemporary convenience. Constructed from environmentally friendly biodegradable food-grade PET yarn, these bags allow you to witness the beauty of the oolong leaves as they expand and infuse, ensuring a perfect brew without any mess.

Simple Brewing Instructions:
- Hot Brew: Place one Si Ji Chun Oolong Tea Pyramid Tea Bag into a teapot and add 250 ml of water heated to approximately 90°C. Sweeten with sugar or honey to your preference. Steep for 3 minutes to unveil the full spectrum of flavors.
- Cold Brew: For a cooler beverage, place one tea bag into a pitcher and fill with 500 ml of water. Refrigerate for 4-5 hours. Sweeten as desired and enjoy the crisp, revitalizing taste.

Embrace the revered tradition and sophisticated flavors of Taiwanese tea with our Si Ji Chun Oolong Tea Pyramid Tea Bags – a symbol of luxury and taste for the discerning connoisseur.

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