Royal King White Peony White Tea

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Type: White Tea
Level 1: Havested before Qingming Festival in 2021
Level 2: Havested before Qingming Festival in 2019

Experience the elegance and purity of Royal King White Peony White Tea, a premium selection hailing from the renowned Fuding region in Fujian province, China. Crafted with precision, each serving of this exquisite tea presents a harmonious blend of one bud accompanied by one or two leaves. These buds are plump and coated with a rich tapestry of white hairs, while the leaves are rounded, displaying a serene mugwort hue or a simple plainness, and are equally adorned with a lush layer of white fuzz on their underside, culminating in slender, delicate stems.

Immerse yourself in the unique aroma of our Royal King White Peony White Tea. Unlike other varieties that offer a predominantly floral bouquet, our tea exudes a reed-like scent reminiscent of white hairs, closely akin to the fragrance of Silver Needle White Tea, with floral notes playing a subtle supporting role. Upon brewing, watch as the Royal King White Peony White Tea graces the surface of the water with its white hair and silver needle-like appearance. It takes three steepings for the leaves to fully hydrate and descend, unfurling their slightly plump forms to reveal the tender splendor of a peony flower.

The flavor profile of Royal King White Peony White Tea is delicate yet persistent, boasting a full-bodied aroma that lingers. The tea liquor it produces is refreshingly clear, with a crystal-like transparency and a smooth texture that dances on the palate.

Harvested around the Qingming Festival annually, the cooler climes of the high mountains allow for an extended picking period up to Guyu. In contrast, lower elevations with warmer temperatures necessitate a shorter harvest time, typically concluding a week post-Qingming. Following the collection of Silver Needle teas from the unopened buds, our Royal King White Peony White Tea is gathered—its timing contingent upon weather conditions and leaf maturity, which sometimes extends the harvest by an additional two to three days. This meticulous timing ensures the rarity and exceptional quality of Royal King White Peony White Tea compared to its counterparts.

Savor the authentic taste of Chinese heritage by ordering your Royal King White Peony White Tea today—available in King Grade Loose Leaf form across Level 1 and 2. This is not just a tea; it's a regal experience waiting to be steeped in tradition and enjoyed in tranquility.

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Flavor: Fruity & Melon,Tea Type:White Tea ,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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