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Rou Gui Oolong Tea Authentic Bohea Wuyi Tea AdmiRinGazeLand

Type: Oolong Tea
Bohea / Wuyi Tea: Yes

(Tea Level depends on the fresh tea leaves quality and the tea farm location where the fresh tea leaves come from.)

The Rou Gui is a kind of Bohea (Wuyi Tea) oolong tea. Rou Gui Tea Bohea Wuyi Tea is a speical variety of the plant, commonly grown in Wuyi Mountains and processed into oolong. The Rou Gui tea has been discovered for more than a hundred years, and its picking-up is mostly done in spring when the Wuyi Tea leaves are fresh.The tea name Rou Gui means "cassia". Wuyi Tea Rou Gui is a kind of top grade of oolong tea among Bohea (Wuyi Tea) oolong.Rou Gui’s quality characteristics are: sweet and fragrant, no bitterness of green tea, no astringency of black tea, and not cold in nature. Rou Gui Wu Yi Tea is beneficial for a long time drinking.

Rou Gui Bohea Wuyi Tea can be difficult to prepare but its distinctive sweet aroma will come out after many steepings.This type of Rou Gui Wuyi tea Bohea may have been traditionally brewed for dark-colored leaves with rich smells or Rou Gui Bohea Wuyi Tea could undergo new consumer standards giving them mixed color leaves that give off more fruity scents upon brewing.

Pls. inquire us if you have any question on this Rou Gui Tea Bohea Wuyi Tea Oolong Tea.

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Flavor:Fruity,Smoky & Sweet,Tea Type:Black Tea,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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