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Ingredients: White Peony Tea, Bulgarian Damask Rose
Type: Flavored White Tea
Flavor & Aroma: Mild white peony tea flavor with an overall very flowery and damask rose sweet character

Delight in the enchanting blend of our Rose White Tea, where the tender White Peony Tea from Fujian's lush fields harmoniously intertwines with the aromatic Damask rose petals from Bulgaria's renowned rose valleys. This tea n rose concoction captures the essence of spring with every sip, offering a bouquet that is richly floral and sweetly rose-infused, while preserving the delicate nature of white tea.

Our White Peony Tea is a revered Chinese white tea, known for its gentle flavor and minimal astringency. Crafted from youthful, unopened buds that are picked in spring, the tea is adorned with a fine, silken down that enhances its noble appearance and adds a softness to its taste profile. When married with the fragrant Damask rose, known for its complexity and use in fine perfumes, this White Tea Rose blend becomes a symphony of sensory delight.

The Damask Rose White Tea is an exquisite choice for those seeking solace in a cup, be it after dinner or during a tranquil moment of repose. With its low astringency, it pairs beautifully with delicate foods such as light white fish or subtle cheeses and desserts.

*** We assure you that the natural flavoring essences in our Rose White Peony Tea and Tea N Rose selections are purely natural, derived from authentic fruits and plants. Our White Peony Tea and Damask Rose tea are crafted to be enjoyed without concern for artificial additives.

Brewing Instructions:
For an ideal cup of Rose White Peony Tea or Damask Rose White Tea, use one spoonful (approximately 3g) of tea leaves. Steep in boiled water at 194°F (90°C) for 2-3 minutes to achieve your preferred strength of brew.

Should you have any inquiries about our Rose White Peony Tea, White Tea Rose, Flavored White Tea, or Damask Rose White Tea offerings, please reach out to us.

Our Rose N Tea Series:

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Flavored Tea:
Flavor:Floral & Fruity,Tea Type:Flavored Oolong Tea,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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