Purple Clay Chinese Tea Set with Tray

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Immerse yourself in the serene tradition of Chinese tea brewing with our exquisite Purple Clay Tea Ceremony Set, featuring a Handmade Yixing Teapot and a complementary Bamboo Tea Tray. Each set is a harmonious blend of ancient artistry and modern functionality, perfect for the discerning tea lover.

**Product Features:**

- **Authentic Purple Clay Composition:** Crafted from the finest Yixing purple clay, known for its excellent heat retention and flavor enhancement properties.
- **Versatile Brewing Options:** Ideal for a variety of teas, including oolong, black, green, and herbal blends.
- **Handmade Craftsmanship:** Each teapot and cup is shaped by the hands of skilled artisans, ensuring a unique and personal touch.

**Set Variations:**

1. **Dark Brown Set:**
   - Teapot (12cm x 8cm, 150ml)
   - 6 Tea Cups (6cm x 3cm, 50ml each)
   - 9" Tea Tray (23cm x 6.8cm)
   - Tea Tong and Tea Tower included.

2. **Brown Set:**
   - Same dimensions as the Dark Brown Set but in a charming brown hue.

3. **Red Brown Set:**
   - This set mirrors the Dark Brown Set's specifications but features a vibrant red-brown color.

4. **Gaiwan Sets:**
   - Available in Dark Brown, Brown, and Red Brown.
   - Gaiwan (12cm x 8cm, 150ml)
   - Includes all components of the teapot sets.

5. **Comprehensive Set (Dark Brown):**
   - Includes both a Teapot and Gaiwan (8.5cm x 8.5cm, 150ml)
   - Pitcher (11cm x 6.5cm, 150ml)
   - All other components as listed above.

6. **Comprehensive Sets in Brown and Red Brown:**
   - Same as the Dark Brown Comprehensive Set but in alternative color options.

**Additional Accessories:**
- Each set comes with a tea accessory kit and a single 50ml tea cup for solitary enjoyment or as an addition to your collection.

**Customer Care:**
- We are committed to your satisfaction. Please contact us with any questions about our Purple Clay Tea Ceremony Set with Bamboo Tea Tray.

Embrace the elegance and tranquility of Chinese tea culture with this stunning set, a must-have for any tea enthusiast's collection.

Item specifics

Material:ceramics,Cup Capacity:250ml & 210ml,COO:China

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