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Elevate your adult tea party with the enchanting Princess House Cups collection, where each sip transports you to a realm of elegance and imagination. Perfect for those who cherish the blend of nostalgia and sophistication, our Princess Cup series is designed to add a touch of royal charm to your gatherings.

**Embrace the Royal Touch with Princess House Cups**

Crafted from the finest ceramics, the Princess House Cups are more than just drinkware; they are a celebration of emotions, intuition, and creativity. Whether you're toasting to a milestone or simply enjoying the company of close friends, these cups will be the crown jewels of your table setting.

**Princess of Cups - Single Cup Elegance**

- **NO.1 Single Cup**: This 210ml cup (8.3cm x 5.9cm) accompanied by a 15cm diameter saucer and a delicate spoon is perfect for solo enjoyment or as an exquisite gift.
- **NO.2 Single Cup**: With a similar capacity of 210ml and dimensions (9cm x 6.8cm), this cup also includes a matching saucer and spoon, offering a slightly different style for personalized taste.

**Tea Party Sets - Share the Magic**

- **NO.1-2/4/6 Cups with Tea Rack**: Choose from sets of 2, 4, or 6 of the NO.1 design, each set accompanied by a sturdy tea rack (11.7cm x 14.5cm for 2 cups, 19cm x 19cm for 4 or 6 cups), perfect for displaying your cups and sharing the experience.
- **NO.2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 Sets**: Similarly, these sets offer a variety of cup sizes and volumes, all including the necessary saucers and spoons, alongside tea racks for larger gatherings.

**Larger Cups for a Deeper Experience**

- **NO.4/5/6/7 Single Cup**: These cups hold a slightly larger volume of 230ml (8.6cm x 6.6cm), allowing for a more generous pour, complete with saucers and spoons.
- **NO.8/9 Single Cup**: For those who prefer an even more sizable cup of tea, these options hold 240ml (9.3cm x 7cm), paired with larger saucers for those who love a little extra space for their biscuits and treats.

Hosting an adult tea party is about creating memories and embracing the joy of the moment. With Princess House Cups, each detail is designed to enhance that experience, from the delicate curvature of the handles to the gentle clink of spoons against ceramic. So dress up in your finest princess attire, pour your favorite blend, and let the Princess of Cups be the silent guest of honor at your adult tea party.

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Material:ceramics,Cup Capacity:210ml,230ml & 240ml,COO:China

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