Porcelain Gaiwan Tea Set Four Gentlemen Chinese Tea Cup

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DescriptionElevate your tea experience with the Porcelain Gaiwan Tea Set, an embodiment of Chinese tradition and elegance. This White Ceramic Four Gentlemen Chinese Tea Cup with Lid is a testament to the art of tea, hailing from Dehua, Quanzhou, a place celebrated for its exquisite porcelain.

**Discover the Essence of Chinese Tea Culture:**

**Porcelain Gaiwan Tea Set - A Fusion of Function and Aesthetics:**
- Crafted from premium Dehua white ceramic, this set epitomizes the purity and sophistication of Chinese tea ware.

**Four Gentlemen Design - A Year-Round Elegance:**
- Each piece is intricately designed with the 'Four Gentlemen' – Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, and Chrysanthemum – representing the four seasons and symbolizing nobility, perseverance, integrity, and modesty.

**Versatile Use - Perfect for All Tea Varieties:**
- Ideal for brewing a wide range of teas, from green and black to oolong and white, this Gaiwan Tea Set enhances the clarity and purity of your tea.

**Product Details - Crafted for Connoisseurs:**

- **Dimensions:** Each Gaiwan and cup measures 9.5cm in width and 10.5cm in height.
- **Volume:** The set includes pieces with two different capacities: 210ml for an intimate tea session and 250ml for a more generous pour.
- **Components:** The collection comprises multiple pieces, each with a Gaiwan and matching cups, ensuring you have a harmonious set for hosting or personal enjoyment.

**The Porcelain Gaiwan Tea Set Includes:**

- **Gaiwan Sets (NO.1 to NO.7):** Each with a volume of 210ml.
- **Gaiwan Sets (NO.8 to NO.14):** Each with a volume of 250ml.

This Porcelain Gaiwan Tea Set is not just a vessel for tea; it's a bridge to the cultural heritage of Chinese tea appreciation. Whether as a thoughtful gift for a tea enthusiast or as an addition to your collection, it promises to be a centerpiece that sparks conversation and admiration.

For any inquiries about our Porcelain Gaiwan Tea Set Four Gentlemen Chinese Tea Cup with Lid, please feel free to contact us. Embrace the artistry of tea with this exquisite set.

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Material:ceramics,Cup Capacity:250ml & 210ml,COO:China

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