Pineapple Oolong Tea

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Ingredients: Taiwan Pouchong Tea,Pineapple,Natural Flavoring Essence
Type: Flavored Oolong Tea
Flavor & Aroma: Smooth creamy oolong tea notes with a subtle melange of apricot & floral flavors

Step into a world where the zest of tropical pineapples fuses with the serene elegance of Pouchong tea. Our Pineapple Oolong Tea offers a serene retreat, blending the vibrant flavor of pineapple tea with the gentle caress of Pouchong tea's creamy texture.

Taiwan's Pouchong Tea, a gem among teas with its light fermentation process, serves as the foundation of our Pineapple Tea. It's a tapestry of taste, weaving together the nutty and creamy nuances of Pouchong Tea with the bold and sweet notes of pineapple, culminating in a Hot Pineapple Tea that's as comforting as it is exhilarating.

The Pineapple Oolong Tea we present is not just a beverage but a celebration of health. As a Fruit Tea that is naturally devoid of fats and cholesterol, it carries the goodness of antioxidants without the burden of corn starch or refined sugars. The Pineapple Tea Pouchong Tea blend is a testament to the art of tea-making and the pursuit of wellness.

This Oolong Fruit Tea is a symphony in a cup, perfect for enhancing meals or for sipping slowly on its own. The infusion's delicate yellow hue and mellow taste profile promise a soothing experience with every cup, free from any harsh astringency.

*** Rest assured, the essence that graces every cup of our Pineapple Tea Pouchong Tea comes from nothing but nature itself. These natural flavorings ensure that our Pineapple Oolong Fruit Tea is not only delightful but also free from synthetic ingredients and the unwanted side effects they may carry.

For those eager to indulge in this Hot Pineapple Tea Fruit Tea, here's how to brew it to perfection:
Measure out one spoonful (around 3g) of Pineapple Tea Pouchong Tea leaves. Infuse in freshly boiled water at 194°F (90°C) for 2-3 minutes to achieve a medium-strength flavor that truly satisfies.

We welcome any inquiries about our Pineapple Tea Oolong Fruit Tea Pouchong Tea Hot Pineapple Tea Fruit Tea. Dive into the tropical luxury with every sip!

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Flavored Tea:
Flavor:Floral & Fruity,Tea Type:Flavored Oolong Tea,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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