Phoenix Dan Cong Tea

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Phoenix Dan Cong Tea 

Type: Oolong Tea

Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea, also known as Ya Shi Xiang or Feng Huang Dan Cong, is a premium selection of the best Oolong tea, originating from the Chaozhou region,Guangdong,China. Crafted with traditional techniques, this tea offers a genuine taste experience, characterized by its full-bodied leaves, robust strands, and a distinctively dark green, glossy appearance. The tea's liquor is a beautiful golden hue, providing a smooth entry, long-lasting sweetness, and the unique aroma of honey orchid.

**Key Features:**

1. **Authentic Origin**: Sourced directly from Chaozhou, our Phoenix Dan Cong Tea (Ya Shi Xiang) is made following age-old methods to ensure the purity and authenticity of flavor that Feng Huang Dan Cong is renowned for.

2. **Exquisite Aroma and Flavor**: This best Oolong tea boasts a special ink-green, oily sheen and releases a unique honey orchid fragrance. Its golden-yellow liquor promises a velvety texture and a prolonged sweet aftertaste that delights the senses.

3. **Versatile Brewing Methods**: Whether you prefer your tea hot or cold, our Phoenix Dan Cong Tea caters to all palates. For hot brewing, use 20g of tea leaves with 900ml of 95°C water for 6 minutes. For a refreshing twist, try the cold brew method by mixing tea with ice in a 1:30:15 ratio, using water at 95°C and brewing for 6 minutes.

4. **Premium Quality Leaves**: Our tea leaves are carefully selected for their completeness and robustness, ensuring each cup is infused with the tea's signature flavors and aromas.

5. **Easy Preparation**: The tea is designed for simplicity in preparation, whether you're brewing it hot or cold. For a hot brew, simply steep in hot water and filter after 6 minutes. For a cold brew, add ice to the hot tea and stir until melted.

Experience the luxurious taste of our Phoenix Dan Cong Tea (Ya Shi Xiang), the best Oolong tea choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Its rich history, coupled with its delightful flavor profile, makes it a must-have for any tea connoisseur.

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Flavor:Floral,Tea Type:Oolong Tea,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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