Osmanthus Longjing Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags

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DescriptionIntroducing the Osmanthus Longjing Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags, a sublime blend of two of China's most cherished teas. Each pack contains 10 meticulously crafted bags, weighing 5 grams each, filled with the finest ingredients: fragrant Osmanthus flowers from Guizhou and the esteemed Longjing Green Tea from Hangzhou. This product is a celebration of tradition and quality, hailing from the rich, tea-loving regions of China.

Product Overview:
- Name: Osmanthus Longjing Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags
- Quantity: 10 bags per pack
- Weight: 5g per bag
- Composition: Sweet Osmanthus Flowers, Premium Longjing Green Tea
- Source: Fujian Province, China
- Form: Pyramid-shaped Tea Bag

The osmanthus green tea we offer is a feast for the senses, featuring tightly curled Osmanthus flowers that unfurl to reveal a pale yellow hue, exuding an enchanting aroma and a taste that is simply divine. These floral notes are perfectly complemented by the Longjing green tea, celebrated for its flat leaves, vibrant green color, and a smooth, soothing fragrance that characterizes each brew.

Our pyramid tea bags are crafted from environmentally friendly, food-grade PET yarn, ensuring your tea experience is both safe and sustainable. The unique pyramid shape allows for optimal water flow and the full expansion of the leaves, providing a richer flavor without the need for a separate tea strainer.

Whether you prefer your osmanthus tea as a delightful addition to milk cap beverages or savor it as a traditional hot or cold brew, our Osmanthus Longjing Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags cater to all preferences. For a hot infusion, simply steep one tea bag in 400ml of water heated to 90°C for three minutes. If you enjoy cold beverages, steep a tea bag in 500ml of pure water and refrigerate for 5-8 hours.

For more detailed brewing instructions and creative ways to enjoy our green tea bag offerings, visit our blog or watch our informative videos on YouTube.

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