Lychee Oolong Tea Pyramid Tea Bags

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DescriptionSavor the essence of summer with our exquisite Lychee Oolong Tea Pyramid Tea Bags, where each sip brings a burst of tropical lychee flavor paired with the robust depth of Tieguanyin Oolong. Our product, nestled in convenient and eco-friendly packaging, promises an invigorating tea experience.

Product Highlights:
- Name: Lychee Oolong Tea Pyramid Tea Bags
- Quantity: 10 bags per pack
- Net Weight: 6g per bag
- Ingredients: Premium Tieguanyin Oolong Tea, Authentic Natural Lychee Essence
- Origin: Fujian, China
- Presentation: Pyramid Tea Bag format for superior infusion

Experience the fusion of luscious lychee milk tea nuances and the traditional robustness of oolong with our fruit tea bags. We select only the finest Anxi Tieguanyin Oolong tea leaves, known for their tightly rolled structure, deep green color tinged with yellow, and their naturally intense aroma. When steeped, these leaves unfold in our pyramid tea bag, mingling with the sweet, natural essence of lychee to create a tea that is as aromatic as it is visually stunning.

Crafted for convenience and sustainability, our transparent pyramid tea bags are made from top-grade food-safe PET yarn. This material not only ensures the safety and cleanliness of your brew but also respects the environment with its biodegradable features.

Whether you're in the mood for a warming cup or a refreshing cold brew, our Lychee Oolong Tea is versatile. For a hot brew, place one lychee tea bag into your favorite teapot, pour in 200ml of water at 80°C, and steep for three minutes. If you prefer it chilled, one tea bag in 600ml of pure water stored in the fridge for 4-8 hours will yield a delightful lychee-infused refreshment.

Delve into our blog or tune into our YouTube videos for more insights on how to enjoy our Lychee Oolong Tea Pyramid Tea Bags to their fullest.

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