Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea

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Ingredients:Jasmine Flower,White Tea
Type: Jasmine White Tea

Immerse yourself in the exquisite elegance of our Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea, a harmonious blend of the finest Chinese Jasmine Tea leaves and the tenderest silver needle buds, handpicked from the lush fields of Fujian, China. As dawn breaks, the most aromatic jasmine flowers are carefully selected to ensure their peak fragrance, which is then intricately infused into our tea leaves. This meticulous process bestows our tea with a sublime, light, and invigorating taste, crowned with a delicate floral aroma that is the hallmark of the best jasmine tea.

Savor the Art of Tea with Our Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea

To fully experience the nuanced flavors of our Jasmine Silver Needle Tea, a precise brewing technique is recommended. For each 200ml of water, a mere 2 grams of this precious tea suffices. Heat the water to a gentle 90-95 degrees Celsius to preserve the delicate notes. A steeping time of 1-2 minutes is ideal, unlocking the symphony of flavors without overpowering the tender silver needle tea leaves. Moreover, this Chinese Jasmine Tea gracefully unfolds its beauty through multiple infusions.

Embrace the pinnacle of tea craftsmanship with our Jasmine Silver Needle Best Jasmine White Tea—where every sip transports you to the serene gardens of Fujian. Order now and indulge in a tea experience that celebrates the timeless tradition and purity of the best jasmine tea.

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Flavor:Floral & Sweet,Tea Type:Jasmine Tea ,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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