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Immerse yourself in the fragrant embrace of our Jasmine Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags, where tradition meets modern convenience. This offering is a treasure for those who cherish the nuanced interplay of jasmine with the freshness of green tea.

Product Overview:
- Weight: Each tea bag contains 7g of our specially curated blend.
- Packaging Options: Choose from packs of 10 or 20 tea bags.
- Key Ingredients: Premium Jasmine Blossoms and Early Spring Mingqian Green Tea.
- Origin Story:Fujian, China.
- Packaging Design: Pyramid tea bags designed for optimal infusion, crafted from eco-friendly materials.

Our selection of Jasmine Green Tea is crafted using only the tenderest leaves, handpicked before Qingming festival to assure unmatched quality. These leaves are then carefully married with fragrant jasmine blossoms, creating a tea that sings with robust jasmine aroma while preserving the integrity of the green tea's flavor. The resulting brew is a masterpiece of clarity and delicacy, offering a light-bodied yet richly aromatic cup that perfectly fuses the crispness of green tea with the intoxicating sweetness of jasmine.

Our innovative pyramid tea bags are made from environmentally conscious PET yarn, ensuring full biodegradability. This transparent, triangular design is not just a nod to aesthetic appeal but a functional choice that allows the leaves to expand and release their essence fully, delivering a superior brew with each steep.

To enjoy hot, simply introduce one Jasmine Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bag to 400 ml of freshly boiled water at 90°C. Sweeten with honey or sugar as preferred. Within three minutes, you'll be ready to savor the perfect cup. Or, for a cooler variation, cold brew by placing a tea bag in 500 ml of water and refrigerating for 5-8 hours for a refreshing beverage.

Explore our blog or YouTube channel for more insights on brewing the perfect cup of Jasmine Green Tea. Our team is always on standby to support your tea journey and ensure you have the finest experience with our Jasmine Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags.

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