Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea Level 2

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DescriptionIngredients:jasmine flower,green tea

Type: Jasmine Green Tea

Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of our Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea Level 2, a treasure hailing from the lush fields of Fuzhou in Fujian, Southern China. This green tea, delicately scented with the essence of jasmine flowers, offers an exquisite balance of floral fragrance and a hint of astringency, creating a taste experience that keeps your palate intrigued without the slightest trace of bitterness.

Each sip of our Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea unfolds like a blossoming flower, revealing layers of sweet, floral notes that refresh the senses. It's not only a delight to your taste buds but also a healthy choice for your body. The subtle spice notes are carefully calibrated to enhance the flavor without overpowering it, making the Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea an irresistible indulgence you'll yearn for after just one taste.

Whether unwinding after a long day or seeking a tranquil moment before bedtime, there's no better companion than our best jasmine green tea. Its soothing qualities provide the perfect escape into a world of serenity and flavor.

Take the plunge into the exquisite world of Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea Level 2 today! If this aromatic journey captivates your senses, we welcome your inquiries and are here to answer any questions about our cherished Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea. Don't hesitate—indulge in the best jasmine green tea experience now!

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Flavor:Floral & Sweet,Tea Type:Jasmine Tea,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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