Honeydew Oolong Tea

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Ingredients: Taiwan Pouchong Tea,Golden Honeydew Melon,Natural Flavoring Essence
Type: Flavored Oolong Tea
Flavor & Aroma: Smooth creamy pouchong oolong tea notes with sweet and juicy golden melon flavors

Delight in the velvety caress of our Honeydew Oolong Tea, a refreshing blend where the esteemed Pouchong tea from Taiwan's Nantou county meets the mellow richness of golden honeydew. This golden Honeydew Tea, with its full-bodied leaves of Pouchong, offers a sipping experience that is as indulgent as it is invigorating.

Taiwan's Pouchong, known for its gentle fermentation, imparts a nuanced, nutty flavor with a creamy finish to this Oolong Fruit Tea. The golden honeydew melon pieces interlace with the Pouchong tea, elevating the blend to a sweetly refreshing dimension that's both light on the palate and deeply satisfying.

Whether it's a moment of solitude or a pause from the day's bustle, our Honeydew Tea Pouchong Tea is your perfect companion. The golden honeydew's subtle sweetness ensures this Honeydew Tea is never overpowering, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer their beverages with a hint of natural sweetness.

Not only is our Honeydew Tea Pouchong Tea a delight to the senses, but it also comes packed with antioxidants. Each cup of our Honeydew Oolong Tea is a toast to your well-being, brimming with healthful properties that make every sip as beneficial as it is delicious.

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Flavored Tea:
Flavor:Floral & Fruity,Tea Type:Flavored Oolong Tea,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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