High Mountain Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags

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DescriptionSavor the Freshness of the Fujian Highlands with Our High Mountain Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags – A True Reflection of Nature in Every Sip.

Step into a world where pristine taste meets convenience with our High Mountain Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags. Each tea bag, filled with 7 grams of the finest Cloud Mist green tea, is your gateway to the verdant peaks of China's renowned tea-growing regions.

Product Highlights:
- Name: High Mountain Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags
- Quantity: Choose from packs containing 10 or 20 pyramid tea bags
- Net Weight: 7 grams per tea bag
- Main Ingredient: Pure High Mountain Cloud Mist Green Tea
- Origin: Fujian, China
- Tea Bag Material: Biodegradable food-grade PET yarn for eco-friendly luxury
- Brewing Versatility: Ideal for both invigorating hot brews and refreshing cold infusions

Our green tea bags are far from ordinary; they are designed as pyramid tea bags to enhance the infusion process. This innovative shape allows the dark green leaves of the Cloud Mist tea to fully expand and release their full spectrum of flavors, providing you with a superior brewing experience that is as effortless as it is elegant.

Upon steeping, these exquisitely crafted pyramid tea bags unveil a vibrant yellow-green elixir, a testament to the purity and high quality of the tea. The initial crisp taste evolves into a profound, smooth flavor that stays with you, making each cup more than just a drink—it's an invitation to a serene, flavor-filled moment.

Brewing Your High Mountain Green Tea:
- Hot Infusion: Place one pyramid tea bag in a teapot and pour in 400ml of water heated to 85°C. Sweeten as desired. Steep for 3 minutes and enjoy the unfolding flavors.
- Cold Brew: For a chilled version, use one tea bag with 500ml of cold water. Add sweetener if you like and refrigerate for 5-8 hours before enjoying.

Indulge in the luxury of our High Mountain Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags and let the spirit of Fujian's misty peaks enliven your senses with each sip.

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