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Type: White Tea
Level 1:Year 2022
Level 2:Year 2018

Immerse yourself in the storied tradition of Gongmei Tea, a Chinese White Tea that hails from the verdant hills of Fujian. This exquisite tea, steeped in history, finds its roots in a Qing Dynasty legend. The tale recounts how two brothers from northern Fujian, bearing the surname Xiao, crafted a white tea of such remarkable quality that it was selected as a tribute for the Chinese emperor. It was this honor that inspired the local name for this prized brew – Gong Mei, which translates to "Tribute White Tea."

Gongmei Tea distinguishes itself from other white teas such as Silver Needle, White Peony, and Shoumei. This Fujian White Tea is derived from an ancient tree species endemic to northern Fujian known as "vegetable tea." This particular species, belonging to the Camellia Sinensis family, stands as the oldest of Fujian's tea trees and boasts a lineage dating back to the Tang and Song dynasties, encapsulating a millennium of tea cultivation history. It is widely believed that the revered Beiyuan white tea, once a tribute in the Northern Song Dynasty's royal tea garden, was produced from these very trees.

The crafting of Gongmei Tea involves meticulous selection of one bud paired with one or two leaves from the vegetable tea. Only the premier spring harvest is used, ensuring each cup is graced with the delicate buds that define Gongmei's appearance and taste. These small, tender buds exude a natural floral aroma and give rise to a mellow flavor, rich in beneficial compounds, delivering a sweet and invigorating experience.

White tea is known for its subtle fermentation process, which uniquely enhances its fragrance as it ages. Our Gongmei Tea Chinese White Tea is available in two distinct grades: Level 1 and Level 2. The former is composed of leaves freshly plucked this year, while the latter boasts leaves harvested four years prior, each offering its own nuanced taste profile.

Embrace the legacy of Gongmei Tea Chinese White Tea from Fujian – an embodiment of elegance and time-honored craftsmanship. Select from our Gong Mei Loose Leaf offerings at Level 1 or 2 and partake in a sip of history.

Secure your own treasure of Gongmei Tea Chinese White Tea Fujian White Tea Gong Mei Loose Leaf Level 1 or 2 today and revel in a legacy that has enchanted tea connoisseurs for centuries.

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Flavor: Fruity & Melon,Tea Type:White Tea ,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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