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DescriptionElevate your gongfu tea experience with our premium Gongfu Tea Set, meticulously designed for connoisseurs. Here's the essence of our offering:

1. **Essential Collection**: Our Gongfu Tea Set is a fundamental ensemble for any gongfu tea ceremony, ensuring you have all the necessary utensils at your Chinese tea table.

2. **Durable Materials**: Crafted from high-quality wood and alloy, the set boasts a rich dark brown hue that promises longevity and aesthetic appeal.

3. **Perfectly Sized**: The collection includes:
   - **NO.1 Tea Utensil**: 8.5cm x 10.7cm
   - **NO.2 Tea Utensil**: 8.2cm x 10.1cm
   - **NO.3 Tea Utensil**: 8.4cm x 10.2cm
   - **NO.4 Tea Utensil**: 8.1cm x 10.2cm
   - **NO.5 Tea Utensil**: 8.2cm x 10.5cm
   - **NO.6 Tea Utensil**: 7.5cm x 10.5cm
   - **NO.7 Tea Utensil**: 7.5cm x 10.8cm
   - **NO.8 Tea Utensil**: 7.8cm x 10.5cm

4. **Authentic Origin**: Made in China, the birthplace of the gongfu tea ceremony, our set is crafted to honor tradition with a modern touch.

5. **Customer Support**: We're committed to providing you with the best experience, so please contact us for any inquiries about our Gongfu Tea Accessories.

For those devoted to the art of Chinese tea, our Gongfu Tea Set is the perfect addition to your tea rituals, combining functionality with traditional elegance. Secure your set today and steep in the richness of gongfu tea culture.

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