Genmaicha Tea (Brown Rice Tea) Pyramid Tea Bags

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Indulge in the rustic charm of our Genmaicha Tea (Brown Rice Tea) Pyramid Tea Bags, a fusion of the comforting flavors of Japanese tradition and the ease of modern tea-drinking. Each bag is packed with 10g of our specially crafted blend, designed to elevate your daily tea experience.

Product Highlights:
- Contents: Each pyramid tea bag contains 10g of our genmaicha blend.
- Packaging Options: Available in quantities of 10 or 20 bags.
- Ingredients: Toasted Aromatic Brown Rice and Steamed Premium Green Tea.
- Origin:Fujian, China.
- Tea Bag Design: Innovatively constructed for superior infusion.

Our Genmaicha Green Tea harmoniously combines the grassy freshness of steamed green tea with the nutty undertones of toasted brown rice. The result is a tea that delights the senses, presenting a vibrant green coloration alongside a silky, rich texture.

Upon brewing, you'll notice the infusion's clarity, a pristine yellow-green that promises a light yet fulfilling flavor profile. The genmaicha blend imparts a comforting warmth, marrying the vegetal notes of green tea with the toasted, almost savory essence of brown rice tea.

Crafted with care, our pyramid tea bags are made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable PET yarn. Their transparent, three-dimensional shape is not just visually appealing but functionally superior, allowing the full-bodied tea leaves to expand and infuse to their fullest potential.

For a hot cup, place one Genmaicha Tea Pyramid Tea Bag into your favorite teapot, pour in 400 ml of water at an ideal 90°C, and steep for three minutes. Should you prefer a sweetened drink, feel free to add sugar or honey. Alternatively, for those who enjoy a cooler beverage, steep a tea bag in 500 ml of cold water and let it sit in the refrigerator for 5-8 hours to extract a refreshing genmaicha flavor.

Discover more about our Genmaicha Tea (Brown Rice Tea) Pyramid Tea Bags by visiting our informative blog or viewing our instructional YouTube content. Should you need further assistance or have inquiries regarding our product, our customer service team is eager to assist you in achieving a delightful brewing experience.

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