Dianhong Golden Snail Black Tea

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Type: Black Tea


Embark on a journey to the heart of Yunnan with our exquisite Dianhong Golden Snail Black Tea, a treasure among loose leaf black teas. Originating from the renowned tea-growing regions along the Lancang River, including Lincang, Baoshan, Simao, Xishuangbanna, Dehong, and Honghe, this Dianhong tea embodies the essence of its majestic landscape.

Our Dianhong Golden Snail Black Tea is also called Dianhong Jinluo Black tea,which is crafted with meticulous care, selecting only the finest raw materials such as single tea buds or a combination of one bud with one or two leaves. Inspired by the traditional methods used for Biluochun green tea, this Dianhong tea is transformed into its characteristic snail-shaped curls that unfurl to reveal a pure, mellow, and velvety taste.

As you steep the Dianhong Golden Snail tea, you'll notice the golden hue of its liquor, a hallmark of high-quality Dianhong teas. The sensory experience is further enhanced by its full-bodied flavor and a sweetness that is both luscious and lingering. Admire the heavy, solid curls of this loose leaf black tea, with their golden sheen and the bright, red infusion they produce, complete with prominent golden rings.

The leaves used in our Dianhong Golden Snail Black Tea are sourced from the esteemed Assamica variety of the Camellia sinensis plant. Rich in polyphenols and boasting higher levels of thearubigins and theaflavins due to careful processing, this Dianhong tea offers not just a refreshing cup but also one that's aromatic and flavorful with an amber translucent color and a radiant golden leaf hue.

Celebrate health and indulge in the long-lasting fragrance of our Dianhong Golden Snail Black Tea. As a discerning tea enthusiast seeking a premium loose leaf black tea, you'll find this Dianhong tea to be an impeccable choice. Its captivating flavor is sure to enchant you, sip after sip. Place your order today and discover why this Dianhong Golden Snail is so beloved!

**Brewing Method:**
To fully appreciate the depth of our Dianhong Golden Snail Black Tea, select a suitable porcelain or glass tea set. Pre-warm your vessel with boiling water to ensure the tea maintains its temperature and aroma upon brewing. Measure 5-8 grams of tea for your pot, then pour hot water at 80-90 degrees Celsius over the leaves.

You may choose to rinse the tea before its first infusion. Initially steep for 8-15 seconds, increasing each subsequent infusion by 3-5 seconds to taste. Pour water gently along the inner wall of the cup to avoid agitating the leaves too much.

For any inquiries about this sublime Dianhong Honey Aroma Golden Bud Black Tea or other selections from our Dianhong teas and loose leaf black teas, please reach out to us. We're here to guide you through your tea discovery!

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Flavor:Floral & Sweet,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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