Chinese Wedding Red Gaiwan Tea Set

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Embrace the timeless elegance of traditional Chinese nuptials with our exquisite Chinese Wedding Red Gaiwan Tea Set. Each set is a testament to craftsmanship and cultural heritage, making it an ideal choice for honoring the cherished tea ceremony on your special day.

**Product Highlights:**

- **Cultural Symbolism:** Adorned with the auspicious "double happiness" character, our sets resonate with the essence of grace and loyalty, key tenets of marital bliss.
- **Handcrafted Artistry:** As each piece is handmade, slight variations add to the unique charm of the sets, ensuring your tea ceremony is as exceptional as your union.
- **Versatile Selection:** Choose from glossy or matte finishes to match the tone of your celebration, with both styles presenting an air of sophistication and cultural depth.

**Product Details:**

- **Material:** Premium Ceramics, embodying both beauty and durability.
- **Styles & Dimensions:**
   - **Gaiwan Sets (Shiny/Matte):** 9.5cm x 9cm, 170ml capacity, 2 pieces
   - **Wedding Bowls (Shiny/Matte):** 10.5cm x 5cm, 310ml capacity, 2 pieces
   - **Tea Trays:** Available in round (small 27cm diameter, large 30cm diameter) and rectangle (small 30cm x 20cm, large 35cm x 24cm), with a standard height of 2cm.
   - **Chopsticks:** Elegantly crafted, 22.5cm in length.

**Set Variations:**

- Sets range from a basic duo of Gaiwan or Wedding Bowls to comprehensive collections including tea trays and multiple pairs of chopsticks, catering to all your ceremonial needs.

Our Chinese Wedding Red Gaiwan Tea Set is not just a collection of items; it's a bridge to cultural tradition and an heirloom to be treasured. Whether you're seeking the perfect set for your own ceremony or searching for a meaningful gift, look no further.

For any inquiries regarding our Chinese Wedding Tea Set Red Tea Set Porcelain Gaiwan Tea Set Wedding Bowl Tea Ceremony Set, please reach out. We are dedicated to ensuring your celebration is adorned with the finest pieces that reflect the grandeur of your love story.

Item specifics

Material:ceramics,Gaiwan Capacity:170ml,Bowl Capacity:310ml,COO:China

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