Ceylon Earl Grey Black Tea Pyramid Tea Bags

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Immerse yourself in the refined taste of our Ceylon Earl Grey Black Tea Pyramid Tea Bags, where every cup is a journey to the lush fields of Sri Lanka. With a heritage as rich as its flavor, this tea offers a sophisticated break from the ordinary.

Product Details:
- Quantity: 5g per bag, 10/20 bags included in each pack
- Main Ingredients: Authentic Ceylon Earl Grey Black Tea
- Origin: Fujian, China
- Packaging: Conveniently packed in Pyramid Tea Bags

Our Ceylon Earl Grey Black Tea is a testament to the art of fine tea-making. We start with the choicest Sri Lankan Uva black tea leaves, celebrated for their bright, bold flavors. To this, we introduce the essence of pure bergamot oil, extracted from natural bergamot fruit, to craft a tea that is both timeless and invigorating. The resulting liquor glows a captivating red, with an aroma that is as rich as it is aromatic, and a flavor that balances the sweetness of Ceylon black tea with the lively zing of citrus.

Designed for the discerning tea drinker, our pyramid tea bags are constructed from top-tier biodegradable food-grade PET yarn. This not only preserves the integrity of our tea but also enhances the infusion process, allowing the flavors to bloom fully within the cup.

To enjoy our Ceylon Earl Grey Black Tea:
- For a Hot Brew: Place one pyramid tea bag into your favorite teapot, add 200 milliliters of freshly boiled water at 80 degrees Celsius, and steep for 3 minutes. If desired, sweeten with sugar or honey.
- For a Cold Brew: Insert one pyramid tea bag into a cold brew pot, fill with 200 milliliters of cold, pure water, and if you like, add sugar or honey. Refrigerate for 4-5 hours, then relish the cool refreshment.

Our Ceylon Earl Grey Black Tea Pyramid Tea Bags are a tribute to tradition with a modern twist, perfect for those who appreciate the classic earl grey flavor and the ease of a tea bag. Enjoy the perfect blend of ceylon black tea and bergamot aroma in every sip.

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