Buckwheat Steamed Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags

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DescriptionEmbark on a Flavorful Journey with Our Buckwheat Steamed Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags

Embrace the seamless marriage of ancient tradition and contemporary ease with our Buckwheat Steamed Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags. Each meticulously crafted bag holds 6 grams of our distinctive blend, available in selections of 10 or 20 bags, ensuring your tea experience is nothing short of perfection.

Product Composition:
- Bag Weight: Each tea bag contains 6 grams of our exclusive blend
- Available Quantities: Opt for our convenient packs of 10 or 20 tea bags
- Core Ingredients: Authentic Golden Chinese Buckwheat and Superior Steamed Green Tea
- Tea Origin:Fujian, China
- Bag Design: Eco-friendly and cutting-edge pyramid tea bags for optimal infusion

Experience the harmony of tastes and scents in our Buckwheat Steamed Green Tea. The golden Chinese buckwheat selected for our tea is notable for its plump grains that radiate a golden hue and impart a rich, satisfying aroma. Paired with our tightly curled steamed green tea leaves, each pyramid tea bag promises a visual delight and an infusion reminiscent of lush greenery.

The steeped result from these pyramid tea bags is a visually stunning and delectable brew. The clear, bright infusion reflects the high quality of our ingredients, offering a taste profile that is fresh, brisk, with a gentle sweetness and a hint of marine notes, all beautifully intertwined with the distinctive aroma of buckwheat.

We are dedicated to environmental responsibility, which is why our pyramid tea bags are made with premium, food-safe PET yarn that is both eco-friendly and biodegradable. This thoughtful design ensures a mess-free steeping process, adding to the ease of your tea-making ritual.

Our Buckwheat Steamed Green Tea is not only perfect for a traditional hot brew but also serves as an excellent base for milk tea concoctions. When mixed with milk, it transforms into a creamy beverage that's rich in aroma and soothing flavors.

To indulge in a hot cup, place one pyramid tea bag into your teapot, pour in 600ml of water at the optimal temperature of 60°C, and sweeten as per your preference. Allow it to steep for three minutes before enjoying. For a cooler take, one tea bag can be steeped in 600ml of cold water and refrigerated for 4-6 hours to extract the full flavor profile.

Dive deeper into the art of tea preparation by visiting our blog or watching our YouTube channel. With careful attention to keyword density for 'buckwheat tea,' 'green tea bag,' 'pyramid tea bag,' and 'Buckwheat Steamed Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags,' we are confident this product will become an essential addition to the collection of any tea lover.

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