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DescriptionStep into a world where elegance meets whimsy with our exquisite Bone China Ballet Tea Set from the Princess Collection. Delight in the enchanting ballet-inspired designs that adorn this princess tea party set, making it a must-have for those who cherish a touch of grace and fantasy in their lives.

Crafted from fine bone china, each piece in this princess house tea set boasts durability and ease of cleaning, ensuring your magical tea parties remain hassle-free. The ballet tea set's teacups are not only sturdy but also charmingly decorated with ballet motifs and dainty ballerina artwork, perfect for those who carry a princess spirit within.

Accompanying the teacups is an elegant bone china teapot, the centerpiece of this princess tea set. Adorned with delicate pink flowers and a chic pink-and-white pattern, it's an ideal vessel for brewing the perfect pot of tea. Designed for functionality and beauty, the teapot's porcelain handle ensures comfortable serving at any princess tea party.

The ballet tea set also includes golden tea racks that add a luxurious touch while being practical, helping you save space and display your teaware with pride. The handles on each cup are thoughtfully designed to protect your fingers from heat.

This princess tea party set is not just for gatherings but also for serene moments alone, sipping your favorite tea amidst the serenity of ballet art.

Specifications for the Bone China Ballet Tea Set Princess Tea Set:

Princess Tea Set Teapot:
- Material: Bone china
- Size: 21.5x14cm
- Volume: 1150ml

Princess Tea Set Teacup:
- Material: Bone china
- Cup Size: 11x7.5cm
- Volume: 200ml
- Saucer Size: 13.7x2.5cm

Tea Cups Rack Options:
- Material: Stainless steel or iron
- Size: 22 x 15cm (rack 1) or 23 x 38.5cm (rack 2)
- Capacity: 6 cups & saucers max (rack 1), or 6 cups & saucers & 1 teapot max (rack 2)

Set Options:
- 2 Cups Set includes: Teapot, 2 Teacups, Saucers, and Teaspoons
- 4 Cups-in-1 Set includes: 4 Teacups, Saucers, Teaspoons, and Tea Rack 1
- 4 Cups-in-1 Set with Teapot includes: Teapot, Teacups, Saucers, Teaspoons, and Tea Rack 1
- 6 Cups-in-1 Set includes: Teapot, 6 Teacups, Saucers, Teaspoons, and Tea Rack 2

For any inquiries about our Bone China Ballet Tea Set Princess Tea Set or other princess tea party set options, please reach out to us. We’re here to help you choose the perfect set for your royal tea experience.

Item specifics

Material:bone china ,Cup Capacity:200ml,COO:China

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