Jasmine Tea

Chinese Jasmine Tea

Chinese Jasmine Tea

  • Wednesday, 28 September 2022
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What Chinese Jasmine Tea?

The Chinese jasmine tea is loved by consumers all over the world for its fresh and pleasant aroma. The flavor of this beverage can be describe as sweet with notes that resemble flowers, making it a perfect drink on any occasion! It's mainly produced in Fuzhou and Ningde Fujian,China,but some vendors also sell products from Suzhou,Jiangsu or even Jin hua,Zhejiang and HengXian,Guangxi province.

Fuzhou Jasmine Tea

Fuzhou Jasmine tea, a Chinese beverage that is considered to be the best in China and received much recognition.Jasmine flowers were first grown in Fuzhou more than 1,000 years ago and it is believed that they took root as early as the Western Han Dynasty. Jasmin tea on the other hand began in Fuzhou during Song times; according to ancient Chinese records from this period.The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations recognized the "Fuzhou jasmine tea and tea culture system" as a "Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System".

There are jasmine baking green tea,jasmine long jing tea, special jasmine tea and so on. The flavor depends on what kind of raw materials are used to make it,Jasmine tea is normally made of jasmine flowers and green tea leaves with supplementation of the magnolia flowers.

The Process of Making Jasmine Tea

On the sunny afternoon, the flower growers in the jasmine fields start to pick the flowers in order to prepare for jasmine tea. They usually choose white, large flower buds.

The picked jasmine flowers are delicate and need special care. They will be ventilated if the room temperature is too high or gathered together in high piles to heat up the flowers if the room temperature is too low,so that to maintain the maximum freshness.

Jasmine flowers are usually sifted at night when they're between 50 and 60 percent open. A bamboo filter is used to manually separ ate out any buds, receptacles,petals or other debris that might be present in the jasmine mix before it's further processed for making high quality jasmine tea with only pristine pieces left over!

The Flavor and Aroma of Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is a complex brew that packs in both fragrance and flavor. The jasmines give the drink its rich and mellow taste with fresh aroma while the yellow-green soup also helps to enhance your mood with an invigorating taste like no other kind of beverage can provide!

The Benefits of the Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea has been used for centuries as a relaxant and an anti-aging elixir. The scent of jasmine can help to calm the mind, relieve depression, strengthen your immunity and stop radiation from causing DNA damage while improving general health!

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