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  • Thursday, 22 September 2022
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What is Puer Tea?

With a history that dates back centuries, puer teas have been used for their curative properties and post-fermented qualities. They're also sometimes known as "aged" or dark tea because they undergo an extended process before being oxidized by enzymes which gives them specific flavor profiles depending on how long it's been stored in this state.It turns out that the origins of tea can be traced allong the Tang dynasty, when they would boil leaves and add them into soup as a flavoring.

The town of Puer in Yunnan Province is home to a unique tea: puer tea. This area's proximity and history with puer tea make for some truly exquisite brews that you'll find nowhere else on earth! The high demand means growers from all over come here sell their harvests--and then go back out into faraway places like Tibet or Mongolia.With the high demand for puer tea and its transport on horseback, locals came up with a processing method that consisted of compacting it into cakes.

The town of Puer was a major trading center for tea during the Song dynasty. All teas sold there were called "Pu Er" and came from anywhere in China, but they all had something special that made them stand out - be it their aroma or flavor profile which set them apart as being unique among other types on offer at this time period; depending upon whom you ask maybe even before then!The production of pu er tea has shifted from Yunnan to other regions, such as Guangxi, Anhui,Guangdong in China and northern Vietnam.The famous mountains in Xishuangbanna are well-known for their tea production. The best puer teas come from Youle, Banzhang and Man Zhuan among others which retain their reputation as some of China's premier growing areas with high quality leaves that produce smooth flavors unlike anything else you'll find elsewhere!

Aging can take years to decades, but it's worth every second. some people believe that aged Sheng tea has better flavors than its younger counterparts because they haven't yet adapted or undergone any chemical changes during their time in storage - which might explain why collectors are willing pay top dollar for these cakes!

The Processing of the Puer Tea

Puer tea is a kind of dark tea.The production steps of raw puer tea are mainly divided into picking,withering, heating, rolling and drying,sorting etc. After being dried and rolled, the tea leaves go through a process of microbial fermentation that causes them to darken in color. This change gives puerh its signature taste as well!The post-fermentation makes these teas more complex than other types since they contain beneficial microbes which give off organic acids during their production process.Ripe Puer tea has only one more process of artificial pile fermentation than raw puer tea. The fermentation process is the key to determine the quality of ripe pu-erh tea, which can achieve the purpose of rapid aging of pu-erh tea.

Best Tea Set for Brewing the Puer Tea and Dark Tea

The dark tea made in China includes such treasures as the Pu'er Tea of Yunnan, Liubao (Six-Cattle) Tea from Guangxi province and Chunjian Spring Tip of Henan.The dark tea is a special type of beverage that can be brewed or cooked. The ceramic set or purple clay tea set with coarser sand grains works best for brewing this rich, flavorful drink and will help take away any unwanted flavors from storage as well!

Who Suits for Drinking Puer Tea

1.Obese People

The caffeine and vitamins in pu-erh tea can help obese people burn fat. The amino acids encourage human digestion, which is important for preventing abdominal obesity due to their effect on inhibiting the increase of fats cells around your stomach area . It also contains vitamin B1 - this substance plays an essential role when it comesBurning available energy so you'll have more power over how much lbs gain or lose!

2.People with High Blood Sugar

The health benefits of drinking pu-erh tea are undeniable! Polyphenols and their oxidation products can dissolve fat, promote the discharge of lipids in blood vessels which reduces cholesterol levels for people with high sugars.

3. Females

Puer tea contains many trace elements which have an effect on whitening our skins including zinc manganese selenium.The polysaccharides found within this beverage work alongside flavonoids to heal inflammation while protecting against external aggressorsincluding UV radiationThe antioxidants in tea like theaflavins and catechins function as anti-inflammatory agents that can delay cell aging.They also help moisturize your skin by scavenging free radicals, thus preventing damage from environmental factors such as pollution or UV rays!

4.Smokers and drinkers

Caffeine in pu-erh ripe tea has been shown to have a stimulating effect on the human bladder, diuretic and can wake up someone who's feeling lazy. The caffeine also helps with alcohol poison because it'll make you more alert! Polyphenols found within this beverage are responsible for removing free radicals which lead towards reducing toxic effects from smoke as well as relieving heavy metal residue if consumed enough quantities of them through drinking successive cups or bowlsfuls over time rather than just one big glass.

5. People Who Suffer from Constipation

The ripe pu-erh tea can eliminate heat from the summer's high temperatures and has an effect of eliminating food residue, grease. This makes it perfect for people who experience heavy gastrointestinal burden or constipation during warmer months,which helps to cleanse your intestinal tract. It's also good for people with stomach issues or constipation!

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