2023 Mingqian Xinyang Maojian Tea Chinese Green Tea

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Type:Green Tea
Mingqian Tea:Yes
Havested in spring before Qingming Festival(April 5,2023)

Savor the essence of spring with our 2023 Mingqian Xinyang Maojian Tea, a premium Chinese green tea that encapsulates the rich heritage of Henan Province's renowned tea culture. This exquisite maojian tea, hailed from the verdant hills of Xinyang, carries the legacy of being one of China's top ten celebrated teas for generations.

The 2023 Mingqian Xinyang Maojian Tea is not just a beverage; it's an experience. Each leaf is a testament to the tea's distinct identity, boasting a vibrant green hue adorned with delicate white fuzz. Once steeped, it releases a profound aroma that lingers long after your last sip. The flavor profile is complex yet harmonious, offering a full-bodied, sweet, and lively taste that dances on the palate. The liquor it yields is a clear, bright green, reflecting the purity and freshness of the leaves, which maintain their vivacity long after brewing—a testament to the tea's enduring charm.

Our maojian tea is plucked in the serene days leading up to the Qingming Festival, a period known as Mingqian, which signifies the collection of the youngest and most tender leaves. These early harvest leaves are less susceptible to pests and diseases, ensuring a superior quality that is evident in every cup. In contrast, the Yuqian harvest, though very close in timing, does not match the pristine condition of our Mingqian selection.

To fully appreciate the nuanced flavors of our 2023 Mingqian Xinyang Maojian Tea, we advise a careful brewing approach. Avoid overfilling your vessel; too much water can overwhelm the delicate leaves and obscure their intricate flavors. For optimal enjoyment, introduce water heated to approximately 85 degrees Celsius and allow the tea to unfurl its magic gently, revealing layers of taste and aroma that will transport you to the lush fields of Xinyang.

Invite tranquility into your day with our 2023 Mingqian Xinyang Maojian Tea Chinese Green Tea. This loose-leaf treasure is more than just a drink—it's an enduring legacy waiting to be discovered in each brew.

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Flavor: Fruity & Melon,Tea Type:Green Tea ,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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