Xiao Qing Gan Green Tangerine Puer Tea

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Type:Puerh Tea


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Embark on a sensory journey with our Xiao Qing Gan Green Tangerine Puer Tea, a distinguished choice for connoisseurs in search of the best puerh tea. This exceptional blend marries the invigorating zest of Xinhui green mandarins with the deep, earthy tones of Yunnan's finest ripe puerh tea, delivering an unparalleled taste experience.

Our Xiao Qing Gan is a testament to the art of tea-making, where the vibrant citrus notes are perfectly infused with the rich, aged flavor of shu puer. Handpicked between July and September, the Xinhui green mandarins are at their peak of crispness and juiciness, providing a refreshing and aromatic backdrop to the robust puerh leaves they encase.

The superior quality of Xinhui citrus is a product of its geographic blessings—a region graced with ample rainfall and the convergence of three rivers, fostering an environment ripe for cultivating unparalleled green tangerines. The local farmers' profound expertise is a crucial component in producing the distinctive Xiao Qing Gan tea, a representation of their dedication to "time," "location," and "labor."

For those eager to explore the optimal way to brew this exquisite tea, our official blog hosts an informative article titled "How to brew Xinhui Xiaoqinggan." There, tea enthusiasts will find detailed instructions to enhance their brewing technique and fully appreciate the unique flavor profile of this green tangerine puer tea.

Invite the essence of Guangdong's lush citrus groves and Yunnan's ancient tea gardens into your cup with our Xiao Qing Gan Best Puerh Tea Green Orange Peel Tea. This Chinese ripe puerh tea is more than a drink—it's a storied tradition, ready to be steeped, savored, and shared. Secure your own portion of this green tangerine puer tea and revel in its extraordinary character.

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Flavor: Fruity & Melon,Tea Type:Green Tea ,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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