Tea Powder & Fruit Powder

We offer a wide range of tea powder and fruit powder, so you can make your favorite drinks or bakings at home or any places. Our tea powder includes matcha green tea powder, black tea powder, white tea powder as well as puerh tea powder. We also have flower powders such rose powder & butterfly pea powder for enjoying these warm weather days even more! You'll also find our suite of delicious fruit powders, such as strawberry powder and blueberry powder, which are perfect ways to experience the juice blends with them to paired up against another!

Buy Tea Powder & Fruit Powder from China

Admiringazeland is proud to present to you our Tea Powder & Fruit Powder from well-known regions including Wuyi Mountain, Anxi and the lesser known Guangdong Phoenix Mountain. Welcome to browse our website to conveniently buy your favorite Wulong tea online. A cup of tea in the morning or after a long day of work can help you feel refreshed and energized. Tea powder comes in different flavors such as ginger, cardamom, mint or tulsi. The nutritional content of tea powder includes minerals, as well as vitamins A, B2, C, D, K, P, and is also classified by taste. Some are strong and some are mild. These powders come in the form of dust and particles. There are many benefits of drinking black and green tea. They are rich in antioxidants that help us fight a variety of diseases. They also help control our weight. Before purchasing the tea of your choice, you need to consider particle type, quality, aroma flavor and production date.