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Strawberry Black Tea Strawberry Fruit Tea Strawberry Tea Flavored Black Tea Strawberry Tea Recipe

Ingredients:Lapsang Souchong,Strawberry,Natural Flavoring Essence(strawberry tea recipe)

Tea Type:Flavored Black Tea

Flavor & Aroma: Milky flavor with smoky sweet aroma

Features:(Strawberry Black Tea Strawberry Fruit Tea Strawberry Tea Recipe Strawberry Tea)

Our Strawberry Black Tea Strawberry Tea uses the famous black tea-Lapsang Souchong as the tea base with good quality frozen strawberries.For all the tea connoisseurs, you may notice that this Strawberry Black Tea product is slightly different from the usual blended black tea. We process the black tea with good quality frozen strawberries, instead of fruit paste or fruity essences. You may find that this Strawberry Black Tea has a stronger strawberry flavor and aroma compared with those blended black tea without artificial flavors.However,it is not as strong as those pure black tea with real fresh fruits in them via our strawberry tea recipe.

Strawberry Tea Recipe:

1.Lapsang Souchong:This is the most famous black tea produced in Nanping,Fujian,China,and it has a strong characteristic of "fragrance". It tastes mellow with a sweet aftertaste.It goes best with raw honey as the sweetness of raw honey will enhance its fragrance, bringing out its smoky sweetness and flavor.

2.Frozen Strawberries: The natural sweetness and flavor of the raw material will be brought out by allowing it to slowly unfreeze to make the strawberry become softer and the color will change from light red to dark red brown and keep a good milky flavor.It makes the best choice to pair with black tea in our the strawberry black tea with the strawberry tea recipe.

Of course, you can drink the Strawberry Black Tea alone. This strawberry fruit tea has a sleek and not too sweet strawberry flavor that balances out the earthy flavor of Lapsang Souchong. The Strawberry Black Tea's fruity note makes this an excellent tea to have in the morning or afternoon when you need a pick up.

** Our Natural Flavoring Essences in this strawberry fruit tea strawberry tea recipe that are by no means synthetic, they 100% come from fruits and plants in nature. They are safe without any of the side effects that come with artificial chemicals!

Brewing Instructions:

Use one spoonful of Strawberry Black Tea tea leaves (around 3g) once. Steep for 2-3 minutes using boiled water until (194F or 90C) for a medium-strength brew. Brew around 2- 3 mins as per your desired strength.

So what are you waiting for? Just get this amazing product now! And if you love our Strawberry Black Tea Strawberry Fruit Tea Strawberry Tea Recipe,Pls. inquire us for any question on this Strawberry Black Tea /Strawberry Fruit Tea/Strawberry Tea recipe/Strawberry Tea :)

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Flavor:Milky,Smoky & Sweet,Tea Type:Flavored Black Tea,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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