Snail Jasmine Green Tea

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DescriptionIngredients:Jasmine Flower,Green Tea

Type: Jasmine Green Tea

Indulge in the best jasmine tea—our Snail Jasmine Green Tea—and let its enchanting bouquet transport you to a realm of relaxation and pleasure. Order now and savor the exceptional quality that sets our Chinese jasmine tea apart!

Brewing this Chinese jasmine tea is simple: use 2 grams of leaves per 200ml of water, heated to 85-90 degrees Celsius, steeped for 1-2 minutes, and capable of multiple infusions.

For those seeking an exceptional cup of jasmine tea leaves that can be savored throughout the day, look no further. Our Snail Jasmine Green Tea is a symphony of flavors and aromas, perfect for moments when you seek to unwind and rejuvenate.

Our Snail Jasmine Green Tea is a Chinese jasmine tea that stands out. Its clarity, the dance of vapor mingling with the tea's aroma, and its tender nature make each cup an invitation to indulge again. And with an elegant aftertaste that lingers, this tea is not just a drink but a moment of tranquility.

This best jasmine tea is not just a beverage but an experience, offering multiple infusions that reveal the intricate balance between the tender green tea and the heady jasmine. The round snails of tea unfurl gracefully, exposing buds intertwined with delicate white jasmine petals—a visual spectacle indicative of quality and care.

The Snail Jasmine Green Tea leaves are not only a feast for the senses but also a testament to the craftsmanship involved in its creation. Four meticulous scentings with particularly aromatic flowers ensure that the jasmine tea leaves are saturated with a fragrance that is both intoxicating and enduring.

As you unfurl the snail-shaped spirals of our best jasmine tea, prepare for an infusion that boasts a luminous yellow-green clarity, brimming with a flavor profile that is both robust and nuanced. Each sip of Snail Green Jasmine Tea offers a heavy jasmine scent—a sweetness that refreshes the palate before intensifying, culminating in a sophisticated and lingering aftertaste that is sure to delight.

Embark on a sensory journey with our Snail Jasmine Green Tea, a Chinese jasmine tea that encapsulates the essence of spring. Handpicked during the early spring from the lofty altitudes of pristine high mountains, each bud is meticulously married with an abundance of high-quality jasmine flowers. Employing time-honored scenting techniques, our artisans imbue these jasmine tea leaves with a fragrance that's profoundly rich and unmistakably pure.

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Flavor:Floral & Sweet,Tea Type:Jasmine Tea ,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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