Qi Lan Tea Wuyi Tea Bohea

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Type: Oolong Tea
Bohea/Wuyi Rock Tea/Fujian Tea: Yes

Savor the gentle sophistication of Qi Lan Tea, a cherished variant of the legendary Wuyi Rock Tea. This oolong, hailing from the lush Fujian region, is a testament to the art of fine tea making. The Qi Lan's leaves, rich and darkly twisted, unfurl to release a warm, amber infusion, resonating with a sweet, nutty fragrance that echoes the serene landscapes of its origin.

The hallmark of Qi Lan lies in its aromatic whispers of orchid, a sensory delight that is both rare and sought after by connoisseurs of Fujian Tea. Each brew invites a bouquet that ascends gracefully, an olfactory symphony characteristic of Bohea teas, which lingers to provide a tranquil tea-drinking experience.

To fully appreciate the subtleties of Qi Lan Tea, measure out a spoonful of leaves (about 3 grams) for each serving. Steep in boiled water, cooled to the optimal temperature of 194°F (90°C), for a duration of 2-3 minutes. This careful preparation reveals a medium-bodied elixir, capturing the essence of Wuyi Rock Tea in every cup.

Experience the refined pleasure that Qi Lan Oolong Tea offers. For those who are drawn to the understated elegance of Fujian's Bohea teas, this selection promises to be a delightful addition to your tea collection. Should you wish to delve deeper into the world of Qi Lan Tea or have any inquiries, our doors are always open to assist you in your tea journey.

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Flavor:Floral,Buttery & Sweet,Tea Type:Oolong Tea,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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