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DescriptionDa Hong Pao Tea Authentic Bohea Wuyi Rock Tea Level 1

Type: Oolong Tea
Bobea (Wuyi Rock Tea): Yes

(Tea Level depends on the fresh tea leaves quality and the tea farm location where the fresh tea leaves come from.)

Da Hong Pao Tea, or Red Robes as it's known in Chinese is a special type of Bohea Oolong that only grows on Wuyi Mountain and has an intense floral aroma with sweet aftertaste. This Da Hong Pao Tea can withstand many steepings without becoming boring! The color of Da Hong Pao Tea changes from greenish brown to orange yellow when brewed- giving you even more incentive for another cup.Da Hong Pao Tea is one of the Chinese favorite teas. Da Hong Pao Tea Wuyi Rock Tea has a unique flavor that's hard to find in other types, and it tastes best served extra strong at first hot before going cold therefore maintaining its flavor longer!

The most outstanding quality of Da Hong Pao Tea Bohea Wuyi Rock Tea is its rich fragrance with orchid aroma, high and long lasting taste.Da Hong Pao Tea can withstand up to many brews before it loses flavor entirely! The better the tea is, the better the Da Hong Pao Tea durability for aroma and taste is.

One cup of Da Hong Pao Tea naturally relaxes your body and mind while keeping you focused and alert. It is considered very good for people to drink in the morning and afternoon.Order your Da Hong Pao Tea Authentic Bohea Wuyi Rock Tea Level 1!

Pls. inquire us if you have any question on this Da Hong Pao Tea Bohea Tea Wuyi Rock Tea Level 1.

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Flavor:Fruity,Floral & Woody,Tea Type:Oolong Tea,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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