Tea History

Tea History of America

Tea History of America

  • Wednesday, 26 October 2022
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The British East India Company established in 1600 supplied tea to Britain and its colonies, which included North America.Although tea taxes were high, tea was highly popular in the British North American colonies.The Boston Tea Party was the final straw for many American colonists who were frustrated and angry at Britain's taxation without representation. In 1773 they courageously dumped tea imported by The East India Company into Boston's harbor.

Boston Tea Party

When the Dutch spread tea to the world around during seventeenth century, the new Dutch director-general of New Neitherland Peter Stuyvesant brought it to New Amsterdam in 1647—interestingly enough ten years before his time. Early settlers quickly learned how much they loved their new drink!When New Amsterdam was captured by the English in 1674 and renamed "New York," they brought their institutions with them.One such institution were coffeehouses,another one is pleasure garden. A little historical information about the New World,William Penn turns out that he was an avid tea drinker and even founded the city of Philadelphia in 1768 around his favorite beverage!

The British tax on tea was so high that it created a thriving smuggling industry. Smugglers would smuggle their tea goods from Europe to England through the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, often using tiny boats even rowboats to transport 60 chests at time!

The Boston Tea Party is one of the most famous events in American history and it led to the revolutionary war with Britain. The tax on teas that British Parliament was imposing there also applied here, which had disastrous consequences for them.On that cold winter's night of December 16,1773, a group of angry colony citizens gathered at Boston harbor dressed as native Americans. They were there to protest taxes imposed by King George III.They aboard the East Indian Company ships and threw 342 chests of the tea cargoes in Boston Harbor as a protest against the unfair taxation.The Boston Tea Party is legendary as one of the most important events leading up to America's independence from Great Britain.

In America, tea never became as popular and lucrative a beverage as coffee,Boston Tea Party made the switch from tea to coffee became something of a patriotic duty in United States. However Americans began drinking it again after the war; eventually the United States sent ships around Asia bypassing East India Company in order that they might bring back some good teas for fatigue or hunger.

New Ship and The Suez Canal

In the 19th century, ships needed to go around Good Hope in Africa and take a long time before they could reach Britain or Northern America. The newly invented fast sailing ship with low-hull design had streamlined shape making it possible for them speed up to 20 knots which is twice as fast compared other early tea carriers. As one of last commercial vessels used solely called "The Cutty Sark" transported tea until 1877.

When the Suez Canal was opened in 1869, shipping rates from China,India and other tea producing areas to Europe and North America fell drastically. These new steamships were faster with a larger capacity which allowed Westerners drink fresher tea for the first time!

Tea Bags and Ice Tea

In 1908, an accidental entrepreneur named Thomas Sullivan in New York City found that silk sachets are perfect for sending tea samples. He began using them as packaging to send his customers and unintentionally created the first teabag!

Iced Tea has been around for over 100 years in the United States. The invention of iced tea is credited to Richard Bletchnden, a representative from Britain's tea Company who sold Indian Teas at St Louis World Fair in 1904 in St. Louis, Missouri,USA; he had trouble attracting customers because it was such an uncomfortable hot day and so offered small cups of hot teas before adding ice cubes- this new taste became popular instantly! There are two types of classic American iced teas: one sweetened most often found throughout southern states whereas other unsweetened with lemon flavor dominant northern area.

American Tea

The United States government was trying to grow tea trees in Georgia and South Carolina, but the first few decades of planting ended with failure because of climate problems or high costs.Up to today some American tea platations have attained some acheivements.The Charleston Tea Garden in South Carolina is one of the most famous tea plantations,which provides teas for White House.It's a tough task for tea farmers in the United States. The soil conditions and temperatures make it difficult to have an consistent tea harvest, so they began testing various cultivars that would suit their climate!Most of the 364 hectares of tea plantations in the United States are located in coastal areas because the cool sea breeze is beneficial to the growth of tea trees.Tea plantations in South Carolina, Alabama, California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii have been harvested and are now selling teas.In some of the newer tea plantations in the Mississippi States, the tea trees are growing well too.

World War Two and Tea

During the Second World War, tea was rationed and important shipping routes were blocked.The outbreak of World War Two had blockaded shipping routes to North America,so Americans stopped drinking tea then.But with the war's end and an increase in demand for tea by American consumers, this ancient beverage was introduced into their diets.

The trend of drinking tea continues to be popular in the 1960s. Since then, teas have become a global beverage with an extensive range that exceeds other types such as beer and wine globally.

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