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Matcha Tea Powder Chiffon Cake Matcha Chiffon Cake | Tea Powder

Matcha Tea Powder Chiffon Cake Matcha Chiffon Cake | Tea Powder

  • Wednesday, 20 July 2022
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Matcha chiffon cake matcha tea powder chiffon cake is a popular dessert in Japan and other asian countries. It is made with matcha tea powder, and has a light, fluffy texture. This type of matcha tea powder cake is often served with a sweet sauce or cream, and can be garnished with fruit or nuts. Matcha tea powder chiffon cake is a perfect dessert for any occasion.


Salad oil:45g
Hot milk:30g
Matcha tea powder:8g
Egg yolks:4pcs
Cake flour:65g
Egg White:4pcs

How to Make the Matcha Tea Powder Chiffon Cake Matcha Chiffon Cake

1. Mix cold fresh milk and salad oil together, stir them well with a whisk,

2. Just prepare the hot milk:heat the 30g milk to make it hot, but avoid to make it make it boiling,
3. Sift the matcha tea powder into the hot milk, stir the mixture with a whisk well
4. Sift the cake flour into the above mixture, stir them with a whisk until there are no lumps among the mixture
5. Then add the egg yolk into the above mixture and mix them well until it flows down naturally from the whisk
6. Preheat the oven for 10 mins: 150 degrees on the top, 150 degrees on the lower part of the oven
7.Whip the egg whites:
Whisk egg whites with the electric mixer on medium-high speed to form coarse foam, add 1/3 of sugar, then continue to whisk it on medium-high speed until fine bubbles appear, add another 1/3 of sugar, and whisk on medium speed until soft peak forms.Add the rest of the sugar, and whisk at low speed, the egg white in the bowl will not be dropped out, it means the egg white becomes firm peak.  if you turn the electric mixer at a low speed for half a minute, the egg white will be stiff peak.
8. Add the whipped egg whites to the matcha egg yolk paste and mix them together well
9. Put the mixture into the cake mould and stir with a stick to remove air bubbles
10. Shake the cake mould a few times on the table to remove small air bubbles,
11. Put the cake mould in the oven to bake the cake, put it in the middle and lower layers of the oven and bake at 150 degrees for 50 minutes
12. Remove the cake mold from the oven and cool down for one hour to one and a half hours
13. Demoulding the matcha tea powder cake and enjoy it!


The hygroscopicity of different brands of matcha tea powder varies,please test with your own matcha tea powder. If your matcha tea powder mixture becomes too dry before it could be mixed with the whipped egg white, you can add milk into it to make it moisture so that it could flow down from the whisk. In this recipe, we use our Chinese Longjing matcha tea powder,which has a very good effects in baking color and taste as the Japanese counterparters do.

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