Lemon Keemun Tea Chinese Black Tea with Lemon | Chinese Black Tea

Lemon Keemun Tea Chinese Black Tea with Lemon | Chinese Black Tea

  • Friday, 03 June 2022
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In a beautiful afternoon, you drink a cup of chinese black tea with lemon, which is mellow and aromatic. It's a great way to enjoy your day.This chinese black tea comes from the Keemun region. The leaves are carefully selected and then roasted to create a unique flavour. This tea has a strong aroma and a slightly sweet taste. Lemon Keemun Tea is perfect for those who enjoy a robust cup of tea. Enjoy this delicious tea today!


5 slices of lemon,20g honey, 20g keemun tea or other Chinese black tea,500ml water

How to Make the Lemon Keemun Tea


After boiling 500ML water, add 20G of your favorite keemun tea or other Chinese black tea loose leaf variety and steep for 4 minutes before removing from heat source or else it'll be too strong! If you want less intense Chinese black tea flavor consider brewing longer but remember that stronger tastes are usually better when they're fresh so don't overdo it with how long they need to cool down either- just enough till warm is perfect in my opinion.Cooling the brewed keemun tea or other Chinese black tea will help to avoid bitterness.

Step2:Just rub the lemon with salt and rinse off the residue in water to get rid of dirt, grime or bacteria!

Step3:Use a sharp knife to slice the lemon, making sure it’s about 3-4 mm thick. You can always increase or decrease this according your preferences.

Step4:Then add 4 slices of lemon to the glass, and squeeze out all that juicy goodness with just one quick movement.The tangy scent will fill your whole house as you enjoy this refreshing drink on a hot summer's day!

Step5:Then add a spoonful of honey to the Chinese black tea. If there is no sweetness in your pantry, you can always insert an extra sugar cube into each cup at first; however it's not absolutely necessary as long as they are sweet enough for your taste buds!

Step6:Pour the warm Chinese black tea into your cup, and stir well. Drink up your Chinese black tea with Lemon!

Tips for You

If you don't have lemon slices, you can use fresh lemon instead.You can also choose other Chinese black tea,eg. Lapsang souchong.

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