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Ingredients:Long Jing Tea,Sweet Osmanthus
Type: Flavored Green Tea
Flavor & Aroma: Fresh sweet and glassy green tea flavor with a sweet Osmanthus character

Embark on a sensory journey with our exquisite blend of Osmanthus Long Jing Tea, a harmonious symphony of the finest Zhejiang Long Jing leaves and the fragrant blossoms of sweet osmanthus (Gui Hua). Our tea is an ode to tradition, offering a brisk and refreshing taste that's both smooth and glassy, with a delightful sweet aftertaste that lingers to refresh the mind.

Our Osmanthus Tea, infused with the nutty undertones of the esteemed Long Jing, sometimes known as Dragon Well tea, is a tribute to China's rich tea heritage. This famous green tea, once reserved for emperors, is renowned for its sweet, mellow, and rounded flavor profile, now beautifully complemented by the sweet osmanthus.

The sweet osmanthus (Gui Hua) in our tea is not just any flower—it's a traditional Chinese bloom known for its intoxicating scent reminiscent of peaches and apricots. This Sweet Osmanthus Tea is designed to relax and rejuvenate your senses with every cup.

** We take pride in the natural essence of our Osmanthus Long Jing Tea. Our natural flavoring essences are derived from fruits and plants, ensuring that your enjoyment of our Sweet Osmanthus Tea is free from synthetic ingredients and artificial chemicals, safeguarding your peace of mind.

Brewing your Osmanthus Long Jing Tea is an art in itself. For a perfect cup, use one spoonful of tea leaves (around 3g) and steep in boiled water at 194°F (90°C) for 2-3 minutes. This will yield a medium-strength brew that perfectly balances the Long Jing's depth with the Gui Hua's sweetness.

Discover the allure of our Osmanthus Tea—a delightful green tea that can be enjoyed hot or as a refreshing cold brew. If you have any questions about our Osmanthus Long Jing Tea, Sweet Osmanthus Tea, or Gui Hua Green Tea, please reach out to us. We're here to assist you in uncovering the secrets of this aromatic treasure.

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Flavor: Floral & Glassy,Tea Type:Flavored Green Tea,Form:Loose Leave Tea,COO.:China

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